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To give a brief description about MySql, it is a RDBMS i.e., a Relational Database Management System. The “My” in MySql stands for the name of the daughter of the inventor of MySql. MySql was originally a for-profit Swedish company, however it is now owned by Oracle Corporation.

     Features of MySql:

  • Cross Platform Support
  • Triggers
  • Cursors
  • Updatable Views
  • SSL Support
  • Query caching
  • Nested SELECTs
  • Full text Indexing
  • Embedded database Library
  • Partitioned Tables
  • Hot backup

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MySQL Database Assignment Help

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Every great management tool and system is powered by a strongly written Database. In the contemporary world, where data is created and stored at neck breaking speed, it is important for developers to write database that is strong and can handle loads of requests.

Relational database has helped developers come over the innocuous consequences and create systems that are capable of handling huge requests simultaneously.

With the increasing number of Internet users, e-commerce and service based sites are going to experience huge amount of strain. The increasing number of users will put pressure on database then databases written with great skills will only be able to survive.

It is extremely necessary for developers to depend on database writing tools that are designed with the contemporary requirements in mind. MySQL happens to be the only one database-writing tool that seems eligible for writing databases that can survive the upcoming load with great ease and grace.

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