Drupal Training Delhi

Module 1

Introduction to Content Management Systems. Introduction to Drupal and the Drupal.org ecosystem. Installing Drupal on Linux and Windows. Using the Acquia Drupal Distribution. Understanding the Acquia Drupal Control Panel. Walkthrough of the basic menus in Drupal. Understanding concepts such as Node, Theme, Comment, Users, Roles, Permissions, Taxonomy, Blocks. Creating simple content. Listing content. Understanding the Node edit form. Understanding the Publish/Unpublish workflow. Creating Taxonomy vocabularies. Creating User Roles, Permissions. Changing themes. Enabling, downloading and Disabling modules. Working with a few simple modules downloaded from Drupal.org. Understanding Menus and Primary, Secondary Links. Creating path aliases of content. Understanding Node Revisions and the Diff Module.

Perform Simple Exercises in Class.

Module 2 (Basics Part 2 + Content Creation Kit)

Introduction to Drupal Multisite. Understanding the Drupal file structure. Basic Site Administration. Understanding Themes, Blocks, Regions in a more detailed fashion. Understanding input formats. Enabling and configuring the WYSIWYG rich text editor. Introduction to using modules like Insert, Image Resize filter.

Understanding the concept of Content Types. Creating a content type. Adding Imagefields, Date fields, Text Fields to your content type. Controlling various features of your content type. Controlling the teaser view and full node view of your content type. Adding field groups to your content type. Introduction to the Devel module.

Perform Simple Exercises in Class.

Module 3 (Drupal Innards Part 1 + Introduction to Views)

Understanding Views principles. Creating Page, Block, Feed Views. Creating Table Views. Understanding filters, pagers, menus. Creating some sample views.

Greater understanding of Drupal and how to optimize it — Drupal Caching, CSS/JS aggregation. Understanding basic server principles. Understanding Drupal tables using PHPMyAdmin. Understanding Cron. Upgrading Drupal modules.

Perform Simple Exercises in Class

Module 4 (Rules + Advanced Views)

Introduction to the Nodequeue module. Linking content using Node Reference. Understanding Views Relationships. Passing arguments to views. Understanding filters, exposing filters. Making views attachments. Unleashing the power of views using modules like Views Slideshow.

Understanding and using the Rules module. Simple use cases of the Rules module. Understanding the Rules Scheduler and Rule Sets. Using Rules with Flag Module. Using Rules with Views Bulk Operations.

Perform Simple Exercises in Class

Module 5 (Social Community Building, Internationalization, Multimedia)

Internationalization: Using Content Translation, Locale, and the i18n modules to build multilingual sites.

Audio, Video & External Images: Using the Embedded Media Field module to add external Videos, Audios, and Images to your website. Using SWFTools + JW Flash Player to add local videos to your website.

Controlling user registrations and user data using the User Profile Module. Sending emails using the SMTP authentication module. Creating surveys and forms using the Webform module.

Using community oriented modules such as Voting API/Fivestar, Captcha, Flag. Integrating Flag and Fivestar with Views.

Perform Simple Exercises in Class

Module 6 (Apache Solr Search, Panels, Introduction to Theming)

Understanding faceted search. Installing Apache Solr. Making faceted search work using Apache Solr.

Basic Introduction to Panels. How to use panels to avoid theming the site? Simple use cases.

Basic introduction to theming in Drupal: Using the Fusion starter Theme. Understanding grid based theming. Using the Skin Module. Changing block layouts, footer menus, multi-column blocks and view layouts using skins, floating image fields, Custom Skinr Styles.

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