Best SQL Training in Delhi

Module 1. Introduction to SQL

  • SQL Course overview
  • Installing the test environment
  • What is SQL?
  • Editors and Platforms to learn SQL

Module 2. Complete SQL in a Class

  • Quick-start introduction
  • Using the basic SELECT statement
  • Selecting Rows
  • Selecting columns
  • Counting rows
  • Inserting data
  • Updating data
  • Deleting data

Module 3. Fundamentals of SQL

  • Databases and tables
  • SQL syntax overview
  • Creating tables
  • Deleting a table
  • Inserting rows into a table
  • Deleting rows from a table
  • What is NULL
  • Controlling column behaviors with constraints
  • Changing a schema with ALTER
  • Creating an column with ID
  • Filtering data with WHERE, LIKE, and IN
  • Removing duplicates with SELECT DISTINCT
  • Sorting with ORDER BY

Module 4. How Relationships Work in SQL

  • Understanding Joins
  • Accessing related tables with JOIN
  • Multiple related tables

Module 5. Explaining SQL Strings

  • About SQL strings
  • Finding the length of a string
  • Selecting part of a string
  • Removing spaces with TRIM
  • Making strings uppercase and lowercase

Module 6. Numbers and SQL

  • About numeric types
  • Finding the type of a value
  • Integer division and remainders
  • Rounding numbers

Module 7. Dates in SQL

  • Use of Dates and times
  • Date- and time-related functions

Module 8. Aggregates Functions

  • How aggregates work
  • Using aggregate functions
  • Aggregating DISTINCT values

Module 9. Exploring SQL Transactions

  • Why use transactions?
  • Using transactions

Module 10. Studying Triggers in SQL

  • Updating a table with a trigger
  • Preventing automatic updates with a trigger
  • Automating timestamps with a trigger

Module 11. What are Subselects and Views in SQL

  • Creating a simple subselect
  • Searching within a result set
  • Creating a view
  • Creating a joined view

Module 12. A Simple CRUD Application in SQL

  • Touring the CRUD application
  • The SELECT functions
  • The INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE functions

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