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Authorize.Net is one of the leading payment gateways integration Services in Delhi available on the market. It meets all your credit card online processing needs without a separate credit card machine or processing software, and it’s pre-integrated with most virtual shopping carts.

Take orders through your website using the Authorize.Net Secure Order page, eliminating the need to buy your own SSL Certificate. Plus, you receive an Authorize.Net Virtual Terminal for processing credit card orders manually. Manojchahar offers free Authorize.Net setup and provides service for a low monthly fee.

Multiple Processing Methods

Several Authorize.Net processing methods are available with your Internet merchant account:

  1. Virtual Terminal to manually process mail and telephone (MOTO) credit card transactions and issue credits, just as you would with a standard credit card terminal. The virtual terminal gives you the added flexibility of processing transactions from any Internet connection in the world.
  2. Simple Checkout for organizations that rely on donations and specialty merchants who typically sell one item (in any quantity) per order.
  3. Direct Post Method (DPM) that allows developers to fully customize the experience of the entire payment flow while simplifying PCI compliance.
  4. Server Integration Method (SIM) links your website to the system to accept credit card payments in real time from customers on your website. The completely automated process begins when the customer places an order and their credit card is charged without any intervention on your part. SIM and the Authorize.Net gateway bridge the gap between your website and the financial institutions that process payment transactions. With SIM, you can put your business on autopilot and let the orders come rolling in.
  5. Advanced Integration Method (AIM) links more complex websites with the transaction gateway server. A step up from SIM, implementing AIM connectivity requires some programming ability, but it’s a great option if you need a flexible solution to connect your website to the payment gateway. Retain full control of the data used in the transaction process and keep the customer on your own website during the whole transaction process, if desired.

Authorize.Net Features

Authorize.Net includes all of the following features:

  • Access all your orders, transactions and reports from any computer in the world with Internet access
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) order page lets you take orders securely through your website
  • Perform manual transactions with the virtual terminal
  • Real-time online transactions from your website with Server Integration Method
  • Electronic check withdrawals through the optional eCheck service
  • Recurring billing performed through batch upload manually or through your web checkout form
  • Protection against fraudulent transactions with Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Optional Customer Information Manager (CIM) to tokenize and store your customers’ sensitive payment information on Authorize.Net’s secure servers, simplifying your PCI DSS compliance as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions
  • Optional Advanced Fraud Detection™ suite identifies, manages and prevents suspicious and potentially costly fraudulent transactions while allowing you to customize its rules-based filters and tools to your business
  • Support for an unlimited number of simultaneous users with no additional license fees
  • Daily auto settlement of transactions emailed to you
  • Tech support via Virtual Support Rep, email and toll-free support number


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